Even though I wasn’t exactly raised in the church and most churches I later attended were Nazarene, Free Methodist and the like the harsh teaching towards women creeped in. Some of the creeping in came from popular Christian books and teachings. This teaching caused some blindness about abuse. It affected my confidence to be myself. It even affected my self-esteem, and how I viewed other women. My self-esteem has improved and I didn’t even know it needed to. How I view other women has improved I see them as strong and capable; I knew I was but I thought I was strange to be so capable.

Apostle's Warning

Cornelius Sulla was a Roman General that fought wars against a King named Mithridates in Asia Minor in the 1st century BC, just before the New Testament time period. In these wars, the followers of Mithridates did some pretty horrendous things to Romans. In the city of Tralles, Romans were dismembered and killed in a local temple. Those responsible were called “authentai.”[1] Mithridates ordered the “slaughter” of Romans. The Greek verb used to describe this order was “authentesonta.”[2] Students of New Testament Greek are likely aware that Paul used a form of the same word in 1 Timothy 2:12; he used “authentein.”

When the wars against Mithridates were over, and Rome had prevailed, Cornelius Sulla became a Consul in Asia Minor. He enacted legislation to punish violent crimes against Roman citizens. He especially prohibited violence against Romans that was carried out in a religious context.

Anatolians had some religious…

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