​I believe in that philosophy which claimed that we

might have life, and that we might have it more abundantly. And I think it is because of our defects and disaffections that we weary of life, and not because life itself would not always be glorious to men truly alive. ~ G. K. Chesterton
    It is disastrous to think God begrudges what He has given us. If you have ever been depressed or on that frightening edge of depression where it’s slip a little and you know you will be in a pit of despair, in a place much like hell. You know the importance of enjoying life and hanging on, building up that sense of childlike wonder. If I just breath and enjoy this hike this view I will be okay, this situation or circumstances that are so overwhelming will not drown me if I’m mindful of this good thing, the grass, the stars, that tree. It is not idolatry for the person who’s eyes are blinded with tears to grasp for everything good that God has made when they cannot see God. The things themselves are reminders of Him and whispers of hope. “If I can remind myself of the goodness of stars maybe I can remember that God is good”, one tells oneself. Enduring a bad situation until God leads you through it and than healing from that situation requires self-care. Yes, we come to a place where we can see God more clearly and the Holy Spirit is our comfort, yet the awareness of what He has given even when one is not aware of Him subconsciously reminds one of His comfort. I think the hurting and grieved soul is in more danger of giving up enjoyment and is prone to love life too little, to even despair of life than to be drawn into frivolous idolatry. So be careful not to call it idolatry when someone’s eyes are too blurred with tears to see God, but they are holding onto something they can see; it’s a whisper of His hope.

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