I’ve been ​thinking about this-  how a person leads is by understanding others lead at times better or as well. Remember Peter in Prince Caspian, he lets Lucy lead because she has seen Aslan when the others including him could not. Peter does not lord it over and lead everyone in the wrong direction, which would have been disastrous.   The whole of Prince Caspian was plenty of group effort and working together. There is also a practicality in this, it takes the weight off of just one person, it enables them to trust in someone besides themselves and I know what you are thinking “Are they not trusting just Jesus”, yes in a way, but sometimes one may trust their trust in Jesus, but not anothers. It’s good to come to that place where one can say “This person loves Him too”. There is also that place of humility where one knows they are stumbling a  bit and in need of help, perhaps their love for Him has grown dull or doubtful due to any number of things and circumstances.  Yet the whole while Aslan is the one leading.


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