I’ve been giving this some thought also and find this post would describe me because when you take scripture as a whole this is what you get. If one doesn’t take scripture as a whole and one mostly  hones in on one verse it tends to become oppressive and even abusive where people are just hit with a “theology” that doesn’t reflect Jesus or scripture.

Waiting for God's Best

Some words I have been throwing around the blog lately include complementarian and egalitarian and some of you might be confused what I mean. These words describe two different theories when it comes to marriage and church roles. To define them simply, complementarians believe women pastors should not exist and the wife is to be submissive to her husband while egalitarians believe women have the same ministry opportunities and are equal to men in marriage.

So today, I thought I would try and define my beliefs when it comes to the two.

Firstly, after much investigation into the matter, I hold to the egalitarian belief that women, just like men, can be preachers and pastors. There were a number of women throughout the Bible who held positions of authority and particularly compelling cases include Phoebe, a deacon who Paul exhorted (why would he do that if women could not be…

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One thought on “Complementarian in Theory, Egalitarian in Practise

  1. I was always of the mind that it depends on how you look at it. While it might suggest complementarianism in practice, it was written in a patriarchal culture with no knowledge of equality. So I see complementarianism as training wheels until the church can learn proper balance and become egalitarian.

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