I’m seriously seeing this division- those who are not divisive and those who are.In my mind it’s almost like there are two types of Christians those who love one another and those who don’t, funny thing is there is scripture that says they will know we are His disciples by how we love one another. I don’t hold to infant baptism, when friend’s of mine infant son was being baptized in an Anglican church I would have attended if I could have it was out of state but I prayed Jesus would bless their day and time and their life and their little son, they believe in Jesus just as well if not better than I do so what if we see baptism slightly different, we certainly agree on the spirit of it.

I will say be careful about drinks, but God gives us wisdom there too, I had a glass of wine and a pint of ale out Saint Patrick’s and it was the sweetest time and it certainly wasn’t a stumbling block for people I was with, I’m the one who would be more tempted to over drink than them, lol.

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A friend sent me an email saying she’d started getting criticism from those in her blogging circles. The criticism? She was perceived as interacting too much with me on line. I was not proper company for her to keep. The doctrinal lines were being drawn.

I’ve heard this before from people trying to tell me who to interact with. Sometimes people tell me to be careful of who I hang out with and sometimes they tell me my friends are bad people because of their doctrine. The criticisms can some from someone being Complementarian, Egalitarian, Young Earth Creationist, Old Earth Creationist, Evolutionist, Calvinist, Arminian, Pentecostal, Catholic, Eastern Orthodox or any other matter of doctrine.

This happens in non-church circles too, of course. There the criticisms can focus on political matters – too conservative, liberal or libertarian –  or they can relate to social issues – capitalist, communist, environmentalist, gun rights…

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2 thoughts on “People of Other Doctrines – the new drunkards and gluttons

    1. And thank you for the post Tim, this has been where my heart’s at. Life is painful at times and believers should come together we all need each other. As Paul said “Let there be no divisions among you…” I dont think he meant we should agree on everything but love should keep us together, it’s not a condescending “love” but a respectful love.


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