The certain Anglican bishop I mentioned in a

previous post was of course the brilliant N. T. Wright. And I want him to remain as such. At the moment and I’m predicting its going to be a long moment I attend a non-denominational Calvary chapel affiliated church.   My former and still much loved fellowship was non-denominational Free Methodist, there’s something freeing about being in fellowship with people from different backgrounds and who have grace for nonessential doctrines. I do not want all Spirit led believers to agree with all the particulars of my current place of fellowship, I don’t even agree with all the particulars of the affiliation of my current place of fellowship, nor my former fellowship. I don’t want us to all be the same. I tried fitting into molds, I only pop out and stand there looking rather stupid. God uses all denominational bents. So unless your particular fellowship is toxic, i.e. spiritually abusive, God may want you there I say may because He is God and may want you somewhere else for other reasons you don’t even know about, I felt like I was starving in the stress of circumstances and started to attend my current church where there is more of a focus on scripture and the empowerment of the Holy Spirit in one’s life, so there are many reasons a person may change churches not just spiritual abuse.  The Holy Spirit most likely doesn’t want your favorite theologian to convert to your particular camp, he or she is not going to fit into that box, if she is a pastor she is unfortunately too much out of the box for some people simply because she is a woman. The best teachers don’t even fit into their own box. They are often outside of it using the distinctions of their particular fellowship to build up people who hold to the same non-essentials of belief and reaching all of us who have sense to see the gospel is bigger than a few differences of opinion. I have been gravitating toward love, a brilliant understanding of gospel and nuance and compassion in theology not whether it’s infant or adult baptism, communion or Eucharist, old earth or young earth, rapture or a gradual building of the church that ushers in the second coming. Those things don’t matter except as a personal understanding for oneself and the funny thing is one may change one’s mind on any number of theological things in the future. So I will listen to the teachers who have the Spirit of Christ and the arrogant, loading people up with burdens they themselves will not help move with one finger I’ll pass by.


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