I think wisdom and discernment is key along with the Spirit of course  after all the Spirit gives wisdom. I think we in Christendom put up with a lot of stuff that makes no sense. I don’t mean that God always makes sense at first in what He asks us to do, when He asked Phillip to take a certain road so he could speak life to the Ethiopian official, He didn’t tell Phillip the sensible details, He only said “Go this way”. That had a certain Spirit about it and brought forth good fruit. If the no sense is bringing forth no fruit and a sense of false guilt, and confusion to fellow believers or fellow human beings it is not of Him. Christendom is doing the same fruitless no sense over and over and ranting “But God doesn’t always make sense, and the Bible says to do it this way”. I like a certain Anglican bishop from across the water because he has sense and the Spirit. I like a certain blogger who has the profession of being a Judge, lots of sense needed there and the Spirit. There are two other teachers I like almost as much, yet one piece of “Uh oh don’t do that” thought I have had toward the one was when he had people of all sorts up front confessing sins. NO! In this day of trolling no, people will lie, some people are complete phycopaths. This is not a little church group where you know one another don’t have perfect strangers do this unless you are sure God is leading and maybe God was but I have my doubts. If some things are confessed there are legal issues and I don’t mean “I stole a car and took it for a joy ride” sort of legality, who cares, but real crimes of abuse against others. Next to zero percentage of those types make a change no matter their tears and confessions. Potential mess, potential trust from people they harmed and those people WILL now be harmed again. Be careful in this for sure, as always if it’s real lasting real fruit will follow. 

The other speaker was happily speaking of church planting. I love this guy a lot. I completely agree with his take on the Holy Spirit. I find him helpful. In talking of church planting, he said, “people plant churches” he changed that and stressed “only men should  plant churches”.   Hmmm he just disregarded fifty percent of the church planting in China, which is done by women believers. Maybe in his affiliation or denomination only men plant churches but seriously don’t take your own affiliation so seriously. God does what he wants and it’s not wise to disregard half of your fellow believers out of roles you think God doesn’t will them to have. Spending some days praying with Seekonk Free Methodist who were praying as one for American Missionary Rev. Phyllis Sortor kidnapped in Nigeria I’m thinking how can one pray properly if one thinks Reverend is a role she should not have. There is no sense in that. Do not give me “God’s word says”, give me “These are the different interpretations, this is how I interpret it and this is what others say”. What is giving good lasting fruit, what is not causing angst or marginalizing persons, what interpretation is not putting God in a box, let’s go with that. 


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