​The problem with the patriarchal and some of the complementarians is they don’t allow women to question especially if a women is sure of the answer. She is not allowed to be a Berean because if she addresses a man and says “This is what I think that passage means or this is how I take that using the whole of scripture, she can easily be disregarded by him.”

Now the Berean Jews were of more noble character than those in Thessalonica, for they received the message with great eagerness and examined the Scriptures every day to see if what Paul said was true. (Acts 17:11.)

 It is okay if she throws it out there generically in an article or in conversation, (unless of course he takes it as addressing him) but if she spacificly addresses that is teaching. And wow is that oppressive to constantly be thinking “Oh am I saying too much here, am I verbally questioning this in such a way it comes off as teaching” so it limits her words, her enthusiasm, her influence.  A wall is already up in his mind for him to “not allow to teach” so he is going to smirk and be condescending in a way he is less likely to treat a man.  So if a women comes out with “I know what scripture is saying here and I highly question your interpretation” she gets disregarded and accused of breaking what Paul is thought to say, when actually he is having the condescending know it all lord it over constantly teaching attitude of the woman or women Paul was addressing in that verse and some subsequensive verses in Timothy and else where, I’m not getting into those here, the Berean verse shows us and scripture shows us as a whole what those few verses do not mean.  The women in those churches are walking on eggshells and constantly worried that what they say or write might be regarded as teaching. I read a blog post where a woman was saying women should not blog specifically where it might be teaching a man or men might regard it as teaching them something, so I was thinking “You can’t have freedom to  disagree over nonessentials and you don’t have freedom to call out false doctrine.” The Patriarchals  may say she can disagree but he in reality can accuse her of teaching whenever he wants and disregard her. Yipes!


8 thoughts on “The Patriarchal does not Allow A Women to be a Berean

  1. And wow is that oppressive to constantly be thinking “Oh am I saying too much here … .”

    Absolutely. Having to be always on your guard to make sure you don’t say something they take the wrong way will wear a person down, Hannah.


    1. I’m not sure who first said this but whoever it was said something like “Christianity would introduce us to a whole new Talmud of laws.” So we are all kept on eggshells wondering if we have and trying not to break a law. Yet Jesus calls us to freedom.

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  2. It’s also a confusing system. I have heard pastors say that they will read from women’s blog to get a window into their perspective so that they may better preach the women in the congregation; they like to learn from women indirectly by reading their blogs and books rather than to be taught by women directly preaching to them somehow, this does not violate that invisible line in Scripture.

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    1. There doesn’t seem to be much humility in that or teachability, so it looks like they are getting a window of knowledge about women in order to teach women that’s incredibly standoffish, no give and take. I don’t see how one could really learn anything of substance that way.


  3. I truly hope that you aren’t describing a situation that you’re in now. This type of “male only” thinking is something completely new to me. In all of the churches that I’ve attended as an adult, women have led worship, have led Bible studies, etc.

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    1. No, I don’t think I’ve ever been to a Patriarchal church, but in 2016 I skimmed the internet and found persons like theologian Douglas Wilson, and I have some friends who have went to John Piper’s church in the past. I was and still am a bit shocked by it. I’m not saying Piper doesn’t teach anything good, but I find the new Calvinism to be restricting not only of women, but of having ones own particular beliefs that they don’t agree with.

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