4614d54249274c097eea262ab0b318ce.jpg(1) What were your thoughts about Lewis’s sudden and irrational fears in the first chapter?

(2) What were your thoughts on the bubbles, how do we experience this itch to have the same thing over and over again, how do we miss out on a greater good when we do this?

Page 42,43,128

(3) What was the difference between Ransom’s journey to and on Malecandra as compared to and on Perelandra in terms of his knowledge and realationship with Maledil and the Oyarsa?

Page 20,21,44

(4) How did you view the way Maledil communicated wisdom and knowledge to the green lady; did you find it odd that He did not warn her of Weston?

Pages 53,54, 71,72

(5)How is the disappointment we face bitter or bittersweet when we have an expected joy, to be suddenly turned to a different joy that He wills. This can range from mild disappointment to something we think is unbearable. Pages 59,60

(6) Weston’s personality when he is the un-man how does this affect Ransom when he feels like it is beholding the devil? P. 95,96  When Weston emerged after being the un-man for so long, a spiritually damaged Weston, more so than he was before. How did you feel towards him? P. 140,146

(7) I found it puzzling that the green lady didn’t notice that Weston (the un-man) was oozing evil. Has inexperience or good will ever rendered you less able to “see” another properly? P. 97, 108

(8) Do we as fallen humans ever think disobeying Him will make us wiser? Yet even more subtle, do we hear what Eve heard, that is “Did God really say…”?  P. 103

(9) Did you notice how the un-man created meanings for words through mere repetition, have you experienced this, what words did the un-man change, what words have you heard people change? P.108

(10) What were your thoughts on the fight between the un-man and Ransom in chapter 14?

(11) Ransom’s heel was wounded, what were your thoughts on that. Did it remind you of anything, Anyone? P. 27,28,160

(12) What were your favorite parts of chapters 16 and 17?

What did you think of the King; did you wish you knew more of his story?

(13) What part of Perelandra was your favorite and why?


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