There are too many opinions, down right judgementalism, and not enough encouragement with the whole and heart of Jesus on a lot of christian sites on the internet. It’s ridiculous- opinions on bikinis on kid sleepovers on woman’s roles… etcetera. Opinions formed by people who forgot how to read correctly, think or love. Pushing their own agendas. I’m wondering if they’ve ever had a real conversation with a human before.  Ask so in so posts, why I don’t believe this doctrine posts, etcetera. It reduces belief in Jesus to an anxiousness about being what the authors of these posts deem “biblical” instead of being like Him.  If they knew enough about people wouldn’t they realize other persons lives are different and may have different practices, rituals  and beliefs about Jesus. Someone elses heart may be drawn closer to Him by being in a much different type of denomination than mine. 


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